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Dear users,

AiOS is now eleven years young. Changes in private life compel me to new decisions. I'm not a man of many words, but I like transparency - here are my three options:

  • Stop developing AiOS.
  • Giving the extension to someone else without knowing what happens with it.
  • Get more free time for developing and maintaining. But this isn't possible without you! A donation could allow me to get more time by working less for profitable projects and let me buy bread and butter. ;-) The only reasonable way to do this is via PayPal.

Donate directly via PayPal:

Or via the developer page at Mozilla Add-On.

I really appreciate any support and I'm thankful for all the years with such a fantastic userbase!

Have a nice day and best regards,

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Changelog of AiOS 0.7.31

  • remove support for deprecated error console
  • sidebar close button doesn’t work with third-party extensions
  • addon panel is displayed wrong when opened in a tab
  • update notification in addon panel doesn’t appear

If you still have problems opening the sidebar, please try to open the bookmarks sidebar once by clicking on View > Sidebar > Bookmarks. Otherwise follow these instructions: